Are you looking where to buy Spumante brut classic aged rosè wine 50 from Tuscany? Buy Italian wine online from Squisito shop!


This product is delivered in a box who contains 6x 0,75Lt bottles of wine.

This sparkling wine is produced for only 700 bottles/season. 


L'Aietta by Mulinari family is one of smaller and exclusive wine producers of the Montalcino village in Tuscany region of Italy - this sparkling rosè wine is very prestigious and top rated by wine critic.


L'Aietta Montalcino spumante brut classic method is a sparkling rosè wine from Sangiovese grape variety, 50 months aged on lees. 


A great wine to enjoy an Italian 'Aperitivo' or to celebrate your exclusive moments !




Spumante brut classic rosè wine 50 months aged (Box of 6x75cl)