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A legend tells that on Lake Garda one day, during the rest of the fishermen appeared Sirens who offered them a magic potion that cheered their return home.


Sirene Bitter is a craftman golden bitter with distinct bitter hints of gentian, rhubarb and dried fruit born from the creativity of Elisa Carta.


This bitter is the result of a long and exciting research and reinterpretation of ancient recipes of Italian liqueurs and craft elixir.


Herbs, flowers, fruits and roots are selected for perfumes and properties and come from the best crops in the world.


The aromas of Botanicals are extracted through long individual infusions in water and alcohol, and then they are skillfully assembled.


After a long rest in small barrels Sirene Bitter is ready to be bottled without added dyes, preservatives or artificial flavors.


The nose is intense and complex with a slightly pungent note, in which rhubarb predominates, followed by notes of Mediterranean fruit and oriental sweet spices, with hints of tamarind and wet wood.


In the mouth it has a soft and warm attack.

Rosa Canina and Fiori d'Arancio are the background to the bitter notes of china and gentian.


Ideal for mixing as an aperitif or tasted smooth at the end of a meal.


Alcohol content: 23%

Bottle size: 70cl


Sirene Italian Craftmade Bitter (1x70cl)