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One of the most appreciated craft beer brewed by Italians, 32 Via dei Birrai "Tre + Due"

Highly hopped, spiced, light, top-fermented ale with secondary fermentation in the bottle.


Appereance: white, compact, fine and persistent head; pale straw yellow colour sometimes with a yeast cloud; fine carbonation.


Bouquet: intensely fruity and herbaceous with hints of citrus fruit. Only slight hint of ethyl alcohol.


Flavour: mid palate bitterness due to citrus notes, leaving a clean feel. The finish has the freshness of coriander and hop added to the orange peel sensation.


Carbonatation: Low


Type of beer: unfiltered, highly hopped, spiced light ale


Alchool content: 3.2 %


Excellent with fagrant, fresh foods, also seasoned or rich, provided their flavour is not overcome by the bitterness of the drink.


Recommended glass: large and wide


Serving temperature: 8-10 °C


Bottle size: 75 cl

"TRE+DUE" Craft Beer - 32 Via dei Birrai - Vegan OK (1x 75cl)