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The SECOLARE (secular in English Language) is an oil obtained from 100% the cultivar "Cima di Mola" so called "Cima di Monopoli" or "Cima di Fasano" from the Apulian municipalities where it is widely diffused.


It is the typical olive of the Apulian Olive Trees from which you get an oil with a sweet flavor with a slight hint of spicy and almond aftertaste.


It is the most traditional of the oils of Apulia, so it is suitable for the dressing of all the typical dishes of Apulia, both meat and fish.


For its flavor, between sweet and spicy, it is ideal for a strong dressing but does not cover the flavors.


SECOLARE by Sorelle Barnaba, Apulia: Monocultivar 100% Cima di Mola


Top-class extra virgin olive oil directly obtained from olives and only by mechanical methods.


Non–filtered oil, harvested from centuries–old apulian olive trees thanks to long– standing production techniques.


Highly recommended for dressing Apulian dishes, both fish and meat–based.


Sensory profiles: light ripe fruity flavor. 


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SECOLARE top-class extra virgin olive oil - Sorelle Barnaba Apulia (1x 5Lt.)