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The production of the beans of Sarconi, a municipality in the Basilicata region on Southern Italy, is small, but characterized by a very high quality.


These beans are famous for their sweet taste as well as their particular digestibility and softness.


These high and specific qualities have been awarded since 1996 with the European trademark Protected Geographical Indication, the PGI-IGP.

These beans are produced by a small family-run farm, the farm Lauria Maria in Paterno, a small village in the province of Potenza , specializing in the cultivation of Sarconi IGP beans from organic farming.

100% vegetable, organic, naturally gluten-free

This product is packaged fresh by the farmer and will be made available at our warehouse after about 20 days from your order.

Sarconi Ciuoto Italian Beans PGI - 1x 250gr