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Sabatini Gin, distilled for the first time in 2015, was born from the will of the Sabatini family to combine the quality of Tuscan botany with the London knowledge of distillation.


An aromatic bouquet that comes to life from the Tuscan hills of Cortona, starting from the Tuscan juniper Italian excellence recognized all over the world, then meets the long tradition of master distiller Charles Maxwell, owner of the Thames Distillery since 1996.


Through a traditional distillation process the result is a clean London Dry Gin with a long finish, able in a single sip to bring back to the sensations of the Tuscan countryside.


Botany: Tuscan juniper, coriander, iris, fennel, sage, thyme, olive leaves, verbena and lavender.


Distillation method: Discontinuous by pot still still still still "Thumerlina"


Nose: fresh and herbaceous


Palate: full and clean, contrasts the well-known dominant juniper with fresh and balsamic sensations derived from wild fennel and lavender.


Alcohol content: 41,3%


Bottle size: 70cl

Sabatini Italian Gin (1x70cl)