Are you looking where to buy the organic chili pepper extra spicy dressing for your pizza based on extra virgin olive oil produced in Italy? Buy Italian chili pepper online from Squisito shop!



Dressing based on extra virgin olive oil. 



Peppers grown organically/biodynamically, organic extra virgin olive oil.






Keep cool and away from light sources. Once opened, it does not need to be stored in the fridge. 



Bottle of burnished glass with antirabocco cap.


After you have tasted this SUPERPICCANTE, created especially for pizza, you can no longer do without it! You will be impressed by how much it is able to exalt to the maximum the taste of your pizza with an explosion of captivating perfumes.


Never miss it on the pizza you make at home, but not even when you go to your favorite pizzerias.


This super-spicy oil is the result of the infusion in BIO Extra Virgin Olive Oil of a balanced blend of chillies among the most spicy in the world, cold worked to preserve all its nutritional and organoleptic properties. Thanks to the anti-bite cap, which ensures the consumer the integrity of the content, it also allows a precise dosage on any dish.


Therefore, depending on the personal taste, you can get all levels of spiciness up to the most intense ones desired by true fans and connoisseurs.


During the production process, processing techniques have been adopted to maintain the aromas of fresh chili.

Our super teasing does not only satisfy the palate with the sensation of warmth, but also the nose through the scented notes of fresh chili.


Pizza's Extra Spicy Dressing