This product is delivered in a box who contains 2x 250g peeled almonds from Apulia, Italy.


These almond has an important caloric content, making it a highly energetic food.

It is a fruit rich in proteins, vitamins of group B1 and B2 and vitamin E, which protects the protection of cells from oxidative stress.


Being harvested from the trees of Puglia small farmer, these almonds are a 100% Italian product.


Shelled, made free of impurities and perfectly smooth, the peeled almonds can be eaten directly, or they are used in the kitchen for the preparation of a chopped and a flour, which are used in many recipes.


The almond is in fact used in the kitchen both for the preparation of sweets and for that of savory products.



Average nutritional values ​​per 100 g of product.

Ingredients and average nutritional values indicated by the producer.


Italian peeled sweet almonds (100%).

Energy: 590 Kcal / 2468 Kj

Fats 52.52 g ff which saturated 3.95 g

Carbohydrates 18.67 g of which sugars 4.63 g

Protein: 21.4 g

Salt: 1 mg

Allergens: nuts


Produced in a plant that lists gluten, eggs, fish, milk, nuts, celery, sulphites.


The expiry date of our almonds is 18 months from the production. We never ship products with an upcoming deadline.

Peeled almonds from Apulia (Box of 2x 250g)

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