Are you looking where to buy Paneangeli instant yeast for your sponge cakes? Buy Italian food online from Squisito shop!


The INSTANT YEAST by Paneangeli for Sponge Cake, the latest innovation of the angels to give you a guarantee of results even in specific preparations!


The INSTANT LEAVEN for Sponge Cake has been specially created for those who want to prepare perfect sponge cake.


Its formulation with cream tartar allows to obtain bases for cake, good leavening and regular structure, easy to cut and stuff.


Thanks to the instant leavening, just add it to the dough after sifting.


Be inspired by the advice you can find on the sachets!

From slices to the roll, from the filling with fruit to that with cream, we thought for you to many tasty recipes to get different Sponge Cake stuffed!


The package contains 3 sachets of product.

Paneangeli Instant Yeast for Sponge Cake

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