Are you looking where to buy Paneangeli instant yeast for your biscuits? Buy Italian food online from Squisito shop!


The INSTANT YEAST for Biscuits, the last novelty of the angels to give you guarantee of result even in specific preparations!


The INSTANT BAKING POWDER for Biscuits has been specially created for those who love to prepare homemade biscuits ideal to soak in tea or morning milk or even as a tasty afternoon snack.


The presence of ammonium bicarbonate, also called ammonia for sweets, makes it ideal for biscuits and shortbread while it is not suitable for soft pastries.


On the sachets you can find useful tips for the preparation and many tasty ideas to have cookies from different tastes and shapes! Donuts, cantucci, jam eyes, your dried biscuits will have an unmistakable crumbleness!


The package contains 3x 9g. sachets of product.

Paneangeli Instant Yeast for Biscuits

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