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Chili powder obtained exclusively from the Naga Yellow variety of the species Capsicum chinense grown organically/biodynamically and cold-dried. 



Naga Yellow chili pepper






Keep cool and away from light sources. Once opened do not store in the fridge.



Transparent glass vial with silicone cap. 


Net weight



The scent of Naga Yellow is very intense and has a characteristic floral and fruity note of exotic fruits. The "explosive" spiciness is very appreciated by lovers of chili. A spicy mayonnaise with Naga Yellow is ideal to accompany red meats. Excellent for flavouring the butter that seasons the parmesan cheese ravioli, tantalizing in saffron risotto and able to give a unique twist to spaghetti carbonara or meat sauce. Note that paired with wines with high tannic content can give notes of bitterness.

Naga Yellow Chili Pepper Powder

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