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Chili powder obtained exclusively from the Naga Morich variety of the species Capsicum chinense grown organically/biodynamically and cold-dried. 



Chili Naga Morich.






Keep cool and away from light sources. Once opened do not store in the fridge. 



Transparent glass vial with silicone cap. 


Net weight



Naga Morich chili is one of the hottest chili peppers in the world. Its spiciness is not "extreme", but rather "high", managing to exceed even 1,000,000 SHU.


In Sanskrit "naga" means "cobra" and, like the bite of that snake, the refined and complex burning that develops in the mouth is not immediately felt, but only after a few seconds: from 5 to 7.


It has a herbaceous and fruity scent reminiscent of the peel of green lemon and tropical woods. The spicy phase is delayed and is accompanied by moderate vegetal notes and sweet hints of butter.


Perfect to enhance dishes with complex flavors, such as slow-cooked roasted meat and meat sauce. Ideal in exotic sauces.


Naga Morich Chili Pepper Powder

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