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Seasoning obtained by cold extraction of Habanero Red Savina chili in extra virgin olive oil. 



Habanero Red Savina organic/biodynamic chillies, organic extra virgin olive oil.






Keep cool and away from light sources. Once opened, it does not need to be stored in the fridge. 



Bottle of burnished glass with antirabocco cap.


The Habanero Red Savina is very well suited to accompany both stewed meat and grilled fish. It is excellent on mature cheeses and is also suitable for desserts, in particular for bitter chocolate. By melting a chocolate bar in a bain-marie, adding a teaspoon of this dressing, you get a cream to garnish any type of dessert, including ice cream, or to coat the peel of an orange cut into strips.


The variety Habanero Red Savina belongs to the species Capsicum chinense. It has South American origins (Guyana), where it is also known as Dominican Devil’s Tongue Pepper or Ball of Fire Pepper.

In Tuscany, Peperita grows it organically/ biodynamically. Freshly picked it is infused in BIO Extra Virgin Olive Oil and cold-worked to preserve all its nutritional properties and keep intact the aromas of fresh chili.

Thanks to the anti-bite cap, which ensures the consumer the integrity of the content, it also allows a precise dosage on any dish.

Therefore, depending on the personal taste, you can get all levels of spiciness up to the most intense ones desired by true fans and connoisseurs.


Habanero Red Savina Chili Pepper Spicy Dressing

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