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Chili powder obtained exclusively from the variety Habanero Chocolate of the species Capsicum chinense grown organically/ biodynamic and cold-dried.



Habanero Chocolate chili.






Keep cool and away from light sources. Once opened do not store in the fridge.



Transparent glass vial with silicone cap.


Net weight



Habanero Chocolate has a grassy flavor with aromatic notes of toasted bread, salt, olive paste and with sweet notes of mahogany wood. Although it belongs to the family of Habanero does not have a strong spiciness, 350,000 UHS, but has the extraordinary property of enhancing the flavors of the dish with which it is combined.


It goes perfectly with many recipes. In particular soups with tomato and seafood, vegetable flan, ribollita (a typical Tuscan dish made with beans and black cabbage), carbonara, Chianina stew, pigeon in a pan and grilled mixed. In view of the name it bears it could not not be combined with chocolate, so sacher cake with Habanero Chocolate becomes a must!

Habanero Chocolate Chili Pepper Powder

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