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Gargonzina Blue-Veined taste is a (fermented) spreadable soy product. With a very strong flavor, it is used by those who no longer eat dairy products looking for something that leaves its mark.


Weight 170g


A family that started a business with a mission clear in its mind: bringing the pleasure of cheeses and something more to both people that cannot eat any animal products as well as to people that could but wants to experiment.

This is how Gargonzina got birth, handcrafted in Italy by an indipendent vegan company, in the heart of Tuscany, organic, cruelty-free (100% plant-based), dairy-free, gluten-free.


The family starts the crafting process just as soon as the purchase is made so to deliver you a fresh product.


The Gargonzina production requires 10 days, then it is immediately shipped to you. It lasts 120 days at a fridge temperature between 4* and 6* degrees.


Water, fermented soya drink 30.5%* (water, dehulled soya beans*, lactic ferments), sunflower oil High Leica*, tapioca flour*, potato starch*, chickpea meal*, coconut oil*, whole sea salt, spinach meal*, flavourings.

*From organic farming


May contain traces of: soy, nuts, sesame.

GARGONZINA Blue-Veined - Pangea Vegan Cream Cheese

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