Are you looking where to buy the delicious cream of gianduja made with hazelnuts of Piedmont region from Italy as good as the Nutella? Buy Italian gianduja cream online from Squisito shop!


The Baruè white gianduja craftmade sweet cream by Cascina Barroero* is produced in Piedmont region of Italy with IGP Piedmont Hazelnut Cream (33%). 


All products of Cascina Barroero are prepared in an artisanal way starting from IGP Piedmont hazelnuts. They also do not contain dyes, emulsifiers and / or vegetable oils of different origin than those naturally contained in the Hazelnut.


(*)The products marked with an asterisk do not contain soft wheat flour but may contain traces of it. 

Baruè white gianduja craftmade sweet cream PGI Piedmont hazelnut (1x 200g)