Are you looking where to buy quality extra virgin olive oil EVO from Apulia? Buy Italian extra virgin olive oil online from Squisito shop!

From the best olives from Apulia region of Italy born the best Italian extra virgin olive oil


This extra virgin olive oil from Puglia is rigorously obtained by cold pressing from the Leccino, Frantoio, Coratina, Cima di Mola and Picholine cultivars, varieties of olives among the most appreciated for their nutritional and organoleptic qualities and for the unmistakable taste they give to oils produced, transforming them into a true expression of our roots and territory.


This type of extra virgin olive oil produced by farm in Apulia region of Italy stands out within our range of oils for its fruity and intense taste with a slight hint of spicy, given by the high content of polyphenols.


We recommend this product especially to those who love an extra virgin olive oil with a strong flavor and are not afraid of the typical tingling of the oil.


Is ideal for raw condiments and is also suitable for use in the kitchen, with structured dishes.


Like our other Apulian extra virgin olive oils, this is also certified 100% Italian product.


Buy it in the 3 Lt. format for a taste or to always have a reserve of taste at home to season your dishes with panache.


An important fact of extra virgin olive oil is acidity, an extra virgin oil can be defined as such if the acidity does not exceed 0.8%.

The acidity of the "Fruity" does not exceed 0.3%, low acidity is a very important quality index.


Attention, the lower the acidity the more the oil tends to pinch in the throat.


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