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Beer vinegar, oxidised at natural temperature very slowly.


Appereance: Straw yellow with amber and bright orange glints. Not bright because unfiltered.


Bouquet: Fresh, sparkling volatile acidity with citrussy hints as well as malt and hop.


Flavour: Fruity attack followed by the acidity that envelops the tongue with a fresh feel. Notes of citrus fruit, malt and almonds. The finish is unexpectedly and surprisingly bitterish for a vinegar, due to the hop.


Production method: 
The beer is left to oxidise at natural temperature very slowly, without any forcing at all. This traditional slow process takes months, but it preserves the organoleptic properties of the raw material and indeed enhances them thanks to the acidity, which boosts the aromas and adds extra freshness and depth.


Acidity: 6.5%


Serving suggestions: Fried food, fish with “solid” flesh such as salmon and prawns, chocolate desserts. Diluted in water or in cocktails.


Bottle content: 250 ml

ACE TO 32 Craft Beer Vinegar 32 Via dei Birrai - Vegan OK (1x 250ml)