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Ciliegia Cherry special liqueur from the Ancient Quaglia Italian Distillery.


Obtained, as a traditional recipe dating back to 1800, from the infusion of fresh fruit in alcohol, white and red cherries from the Turin hills.


Let it rest in small demijohns for more than three months, release to the alcohol the typical fragrance of the fruit, accompanied by slight almond notes of the seed.


From this infusion comes later, by mixing with sugar syrups and infusions of exotic spices, the finished product.


The color is dark red with orange reflections.


The aroma is intense, persistent and marked, immediately evokes the fresh fruit, with slight notes of almond and spice.


Delicate and morbid on the palate, it immediately releases in all its intensity the fruity and floral notes of Piedmontese graphion and spices.


To be served chilled or used in the preparation of original cocktails.


Bottle size: cl 70

Alcohol content: 25% vol


Cherry Special Liqueur Antica Distilleria Quaglia (1x70cl)