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Chinotto special liqueur from the Ancient Quaglia Italian Distillery.


Delicious and very special liqueur obtained from the infusion of fresh chinotti handmade just picked.

The extraction of juices and delicate aromas is obtained by means of the static infusion in alcohol for more than two months.


After pressing, the infusion is matured in neutral containers for over six months.

The product thus obtained is used as a basis to create a liquor of great elegance, dark amber and flamboyant, which smells intensely of citrus and spices.


Elegant and tasty on the palate, it gives finesse, composure and vibrant scents of vanilla and rhubarb.

Bitterness moderately closes the tasting with hints of dandelion flowers and hints of orange blossom.


To be served chilled or used in the preparation of original cocktails.


Bottle size: cl 70

Alcohol content: 35% vol


Chinotto Special Liqueur Antica Distilleria Quaglia (1x70cl)