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The Cantucci di Sicilia are a reinterpretation of the classic Tuscan recipe.


As per our tradition, the selected ingredients, strictly Sicilian, make them special and just as good.


They are almond biscuits characterized by an unmistakable shape that is obtained by cutting into small slices a strand of freshly baked dough.


A second step in the oven, for a few minutes gives them the right crunchiness. It is a typical end-of-meal dessert that goes well with liqueur wines and passito.


Ingredients: Whole wheat flour (Mallorca type), cane sugar, eggs, toasted Sicilian almonds (10%), raisins (2%), candied orange (orange peel, cane sugar, water) (2%), seed oil, lemon juice, leavening agent for sweets.


Hand-made in Sicily Italy by Aruci family


The price is for 2x250g of Cantucci Sicilian biscuits

2x250g Cantucci Sicilian biscuits | Aruci Family