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Chili powder obtained exclusively from the Cayenne variety of the species Capsicum annuum grown organically/biodynamically and cold-dried.



Cayenne pepper






Keep cool and away from light sources. Once opened do not store in the fridge.



Transparent glass vial with silicone cap.


Net weight



The fresh fruit has the typical aroma of raw peppers, typically herbaceous and slightly citrus with hints of tomato. Common in Cajun cuisine, born in the USA from different culinary cultures, it adapts to all types of red meat and game. In Louisiana, in particular, jambalaya is prepared, a dish based on meat and vegetables of Provencal origin with Spanish and African influences. It is used for red sauces, to spice peppers, vinaigrette, tomato sauces to dress pasta, fish soups, marinated chicken as well as pizza.


Caienna Chili Pepper Powder

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