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Bracchetto White Young Grappa special liqueur from the Ancient Quaglia Italian Distillery.


Bottle size: cl 70

Alcohol content: 40% vol


Grappa is the traditional Italian distillate produced by the distillation of pomace.

Its roots lie in the peasant tradition of recovery. The pomace, waste of the rich wine production of the peninsula, is still rich in sugar and therefore fermentable to produce aromatic and fragrant distillates.


Grappa can be classified according to various criteria: according to the geographical denomination of origin, according to the origin of the grape variety of the pomace or according to aging.


Young or white grappa

Often called Grappa Bianca, it is not aged or aged in cask. In this type of Grappa are the aromas of the raw material to stand out. White grappa can be aromatic if produced with aromatic varieties such as Malvasia, Moscato, Traminer and Brachetto. It is produced with non-aromatic vines is generally called dry grappa. We suggest to serve the fresh young grappas, at a temperature of between 8 º and 10 º.

Bracchetto White Young Grappa Antica Distilleria Quaglia (1x70cl)