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Chili powder obtained exclusively from the Aji variety of the species Capsicum baccatum grown organically/biodynamically and cold-dried.



Chili Aji






Keep cool and away from light sources. Once opened do not store in the fridge.



Transparent glass vial with silicone cap.


Net weight

12 g


Due to its lightness it can be used in a very versatile way, or to flavor without using salt. In the kitchen it goes well with white meats, fish, savory pies, vegetables (cooked or raw), fruit, legume soups and pasta. In Peru it is used for fish gazpacho.

Ajì amarillo, which in Spanish means yellow chili, has a tropical fruity smell with floral notes and even with ginger and raisins. Already employed in the cuisine of the Incas, it has become the chili pepper of Peru becoming part of many recipes of that region.

Aji Chili Pepper Powder

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