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Tuscany - Central Italy 

Marchesi Antinori is an Italian wine company that can trace its history back to 1385. 

They are one of the biggest wine companies in Italy, and their innovations played a large part in the "Super-Tuscan" revolution of the 1970s.

Antinori is a member of the Primum Familiae Vini and the 10th oldest family owned company in the world, wine producers for 26 generations.



Piedmont Region - Northern Italy 

Since 200 years ago the Stra farmer family produces 9 of the most prestigious wines of the Langhe and Barolo areas of Piedmont region of Italy.


Veneto Region - Northern Italy 

Ruggero and Andrea were born and grew up in Valdobbiadene, the land of Prosecco sparkling wine in Veneto region, northern Italy. In their wines there is all the tradition of the territory. 



Tuscany Region - Central Italy 

L'Aietta is the smaller wine producer of Montalcino, Tuscany.

The vineyard is located close the walls of the village for an exclusive limited production: 1800-2000 bottles of Brunello 2500-3000 of Rosso di Montalcino and 700 of Spumante Rosato 100% Sangiovese.


Campania Region - Southern Italy 

23 as 1923, the year of Grandpa Alfonso’s birth, 23 as the number of vines's rows of the vineyard. Ventitrefilari in Italian means 23 vines's rows. 4 as the number of nephews who the grandsons who have chosen to pursue the family heritage, the Fiano DOCG wine production in Montefredare village. 


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