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Sicily Island - Southern Italy

The story of Aruci began a long time ago but is not yet aged: it is the story of a grandmother, 'Nonna Giorgina', who had an immense passion for desserts and an innate ability to cook them. His experience was so valuable that it was passed down from generation to generation. His recipes are in fact still cooking, inside an oven that always smells of biscuits. The same oven from which even today, daughter and grandchildren bake sweet morsels.


"Once upon a time, the family trade was passed down from father to son along with the tricks and secrets of one’s art. My father was a pasty chef, and ever since I was a child I knew I would grow to be a pastry chef myself, but I wouldn’t settle just for that. What I really wanted was to produce the ingredients I used in pastry making myself, concentrating on a few quality products.

So I moved to Cortemilia, in the Langhe region of Piedmont, with my wife Isabella. There we started growing hazelnuts and turning them into sweets. Helping us are our five children, whom one day, if they wish, I will teach my craft."

Stefano Barroero


Piedmont Region - Northern Italy