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Tuscany Region - Central Italy 

The careful selection of raw materials is just the first step in a wonderful journey that culminates in bronze drawing and slow drying at low temperature, to keep intact the nutritional properties of the Italian wheat from Tuscany and give the pasta a unique aroma and texture.



Apulia Region - Southern Italy 

Daughters of three generations of olive farmers, Marianna, Nicla and Laura are three young women who have decided to value the hard work of their father, Vito, who has always been dedicated to the cultivation of olives, vegetables and pasta production. Discover the pasta produced with durum wheat Senator Cappelli is an ancient cereal, ancestor of the present durum wheat by Barnaba family.


Senatore Cappelli Durum Wheat

The hard wheat cultivar Senatore Cappelli was introduced in 1915 and widely cultivated in southern Italy till the 1950s. Its name comes from Raffaele Cappelli, a politician and agronomist from Abruzzo, responsible for the land reform that founded the current distinction between durum and bread wheat Senatore Cappelli hard wheat presents a life cycle that ranges from medium to long: the sowing is in Autumn while the harvest takes place in July.

Its main morphological features are its large spike dimensions, and its height of more than 180 centimetres Comparative results from most varieties of hard wheat show that Senatore Cappelli contains higher percentages of lipids, amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

The wheat bran, produced through the grain mill process, is ideal in the making of bread and pasta of superior quality