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The strategic significance of its location is indicated in written historical sources who mention "La Leccia Castle" since 1077 when the rights to the castle were divided between sixteen owners. 
Towards the middle of 1400 the dominion of the Ricasoli family was extended to the territory of the Chianti Classico and therefore also to this castle. 
During the eighteenth century, the castle took on a more villa-like appearance and during the Second World War, precisely in July 1944,  the village,  then occupied by German troops,     was the subject of heavy bombing that destroyed part of the medieval tower and devastated part of the eighteenth-century villa.
Today strongly oriented to the production of Chianti Classico that is the true expression of Sangiovese and the exceptional "terroir" of Castellina in Chianti.  


Tuscany Region - Central Italy 



Campania Region - Southern Italy 

At the top of the S. Eustachio village at 600 meters above sea level, the Boccella family works its 50y old Aglianico vineyards with which produces typical and rich wines of Campania region, southern Italy.


Raffaele and Giovanni, Angela and Lucia,  two brothers and two sisters,  continue the family tradition started by Giuseppe, founder of Boccella organic farm.