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Apulia Region - Southern Italy 

Daughters of three generations of olive farmers, Marianna, Nicla and Laura are three young women who have decided to value the hard work of their father, Vito, who has always been dedicated to the cultivation of olives, vegetables and pasta production.

Discover the in oil vegetables & vegetable creams produced by Barnaba family.


In Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Apulia Region - Southern Italy 

Giuseppina, Cosimo, Lucia and Claudio continue to be a cohesive family and are all animated by the same desire: to create quality products respecting the Apulian tradition.



Naples Bay - Southern Italy 

An agricultural cooperative founded in 2005 to enhance the productions of individual members that differ generations are dedicated to the cultivation of high quality typical products of Campania region of Italy. A group of farmers who produce Pomodoro San Marzano D.O.P., legumes and vegetables is not only from the field to the table, following the entire supply chain and therefore guaranteeing high quality, food safety and above all goodness, joining the "Slow Food presidium".

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