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What is Squisito? 

Squisito in Italian Language means delicious.

The "Squisito" is a social-commerce platform has been created to give its customers the possibility to buy the finest selection of Italian food & wines with special deals from time-to-time offering you top quality Italian products not available at traditional retailers.  Squisito creates strong links between its customers and small Italian producers and your shopping helps sustainable producers to grow their businesses. 

Need a big supply?

With Squisito you can ask for a customized order for your special event or business, to receive a quotation including extra discount for big supply, please email us to

The Italian taste 

delivered to your home! 


Squisito's Mission!

In our passion for Italy we want give customers the opportunity to discover and buy a finest selection of quality Italian food & wine by local farmers and small producers, making of this an opportunity for sustainable development and social responsibility of the company, in respect of our roots and our beautiful country.


The Squisito forest to offset CO2.

In a bid to offset our CO2, we partnered with our mates at Tree-Nation to support their forestry efforts.

With the cart the customer helps sustainable producers to grow their business supporting Squisito's forest: We plant a tree every 50€ spent by the customers on products to offset the CO2 emissions produced by our company and by the delivery!

The planted trees are certified by Tree-Nation ONG.

A Squisito little forest will grow as we do.

But why do this?

CO2 emissions hugely contribute to climate change. To offset the CO2 emissions trees have a critical job to balance oxygen & CO2 levels. With deforestation across the world more CO2 is released into the atmosphere causing devastating effects on our planet. Rising temperatures contribute to rising sea levels, with warmer ocean temperatures threatening wildlife & leading to extinction. 

We accept our responsibility to work towards offsetting our emissions.

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